Technology Solutions Specialist with nearly 30 years of experience

"... I will continue to use The Jennic Group's services and recommend that you do too."

Tonya Brubacher, My Girl Friday Mgmt Inc

tech support in waterloo region

New Laptops or Upgrades

New, Upgrades or Repairs


I will meet with you to review your current uses and determine the best fit for you. I make sure that any data from your old computer is copied to your new system and set up the way you want it. I can help you remotely with any questions or problems, and you can watch what I am doing, so nothing is hidden from your sight. 


Do you have slow response times on your network? There could be various reasons, so we will analyze your network and recommend improvements to run at its peak performance. 

Network Design and Tweaks

1. You are important!

2. I Listen

3. Customized Solutions

Helping you find the right  solution.

I understand that every business is different, so every computer solution requires customization to fit your needs. I listen to your needs and customize solutions that are specific to you. I offer ongoing support services, remote assistance and after hours maintenance. No matter the size of your business, you are just as important.


I am here to serve you!